Review from Svenska Dagbladet of The Greatest Show in the Arctic

Torgny Nordin of the Stockholm daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet has an extensive review of The Greatest Show in the Arctic: the American exploration of Franz Josef Land, 1898-1905.  

“Capelotti’s purpose is to describe what happened and analyze why the expeditions failed so abysmally. Thanks to access to new source material and close reading of the correspondence, the author acts like a detective on the trail of the various expeditions, from the political background to the treacherous ice to the incompetent leadership. This is no hero story, but more often it has the aspect of a doomed plot. With the key at times the logistical details – the number of polar bears shot, killed and slaughtered sled dogs and ponies all presented with chilling objectivity – Capelotti evokes a picture of both astonishing dedication and icy futility.”


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