Archaeology and Heritage of the Human Movement into Space

Archaeology and Heritage of the Human Movement into Space

Coming in August:

“This volume addresses the creation, documentation, preservation, and study of the
archaeology of lunar, planetary, and interstellar exploration. It defines the attributes
of common human technological expressions within national and, increasingly, private
exploration efforts, and explore the archaeology of both fixed and mobile artifacts in the
solar system and the wider galaxy.

“This book presents the research of the foremost scholars in the field of space archaeology
and heritage, a recent discipline of the field of Space Archaeology and Heritage.
It provides the emerging archaeological perspective on the history of the human
exploration of space. Since humans have been creating a vast archaeological preserve in
space and on other celestial bodies. This assemblage of heritage objects and sites attest
to the human presence off the Earth and the study of these material remains are best
investigated by archaeologists and historic preservationists. As space exploration has
reached the half century mark, it is the appropriate time to reflect on the major events and
technological development of this particular unique 20th century arena of human history.”

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