Claims on sites and knowledge in the North

Ubiquitous Icelandic lupins. Dennis Moore would go crazy here!

Just finished two days of sessions on our theme of “Claims on Sites and Knowledge in Cold Regions. Material and Immaterial Constructs of Nature, Nations and Industry.” The session was organized by Urban Wråkberg and Dag Avango, but unfortunately Dag and also Robert Marc Friedman were unable to attend, so two of our brightest cultural and intellectual historians were not there. Urban is pulling together many of the presentations for a special issue of the newly-launched Polar Journal, and it is a fascinating exercise trying to maintain a semblance of thematic cohesion with so many participants plowing so many different fields in so many different countries. On the other hand, after being largely absent myself from such conferences because of half a dozen military reserve mobilizations since 9/11, it was refreshing to see and hear many new scholars and perspectives, and see the quantum leap in data access that has been the direct result of more and larger web-based archives since 2000-2001. Of course, the flip side is that you give talks at conferences now while much of the audience is surfing the web or working on projects or answering e-mail as you speak. All of us as teachers tell our students not to do this, then when we get together with colleagues whose research we really want to hear we find ourselves doing it. Still, it is how things are now, and the trick as always is to turn this development into a pedagogical positive and that is part of what I proposed in my talk: “The Archaeological Site in Arctic Tourism”

And for more on Dennis Moore and lupins:

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