The Archaeoprobe

This project is a corollary to the ASAT Project.  It involves the development of small, portable, inexpensive data collection and transmission technologies for both terrestrial and underwater sites in extreme environments.  During the ASAT Project, we expect to survey several historic archaeological sites related to the exploration of Arctic and the search for the North Pole.  These surveys of known sites, and searches for suspected sites and site clusters, offer opportunities to test economical commercial and consumer solutions both the wireless and the stand-alone monitoring of archaeological sites in extreme environments.

Using readily-available consumer search, survey and monitoring technologies, we seek ultimately to design an archaeoprobe that could be introduced into an extreme environment archaeological site and used to monitor that site in both wireless mode (transmitting visual data via a high gain antenna to a base unit for retransmission via the internet) or as a stand-alone unit equipped with solar panels that can save visual data at the camera for retrieval later—perhaps after an entire winter season at the site).

Such a station would allow the real-time documentation of archaeological survey work, and the long-term monitoring of the archaeological site, to account for formation processes such as extremes of climate, tourism visits, and bioturbation by Arctic fauna.

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